Writings: Fictions, Articles, and Otherwise

This is a page devoted to my published writings, both online and in print.

Fictions written for a specific franchise or intellectual body, and fictions that are the property of a company or entity, are specifically denoted as such.

L5R Story Team Fiction:

Official short fiction work set in the world of Rokugan, an Asian high-fantasy setting called "Legend of the Five Rings," a gaming franchise owned by Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc. As a member of the official Story Team, I produced short fictions on a deadline that helped shape the official setting and enriched the franchise. A large part of the work involves incorporating the input of the players of the game, and often fiction outcomes are determined by tournament results and player votes. Below are links to the online published materials, which are written by myself, but are officially the property of Alderac Entertainment Group Inc.

Best 3 L5R Fictions

These are what I consider to be the best three examples of my written work (in no particular order):

Complete List

  • "Fortune of Horses" - A short fiction about a girl and her very smart horse. My debut fiction for the setting. It is published with three other short fictions; scroll to the bottom to see mine.
  • "The First Lesson" - A story about a Sparrow Clan Samurai and a lesson about Haragei. Some content of this fiction may rely upon prior knowledge of the setting.
  • "Methods" - A short flash fiction introducing new characters. This is the story of how the Unicorn and Dragon Clan Champions meet. It's the start of something much more... (It's the second story from the bottom.)
  • "Mouth" - An L5R story for Halloween. Might be a tad disturbing.
  • "Worthy" - The new Ruby Champion has a chance encounter with a man who may end a grave threat to the Empire, or who may simply be another body in the path of a nightmare.
  • "Unlikely" - Result of a Kotei Win; the Crane Clan's most unusual family forges a most unlikely alliance. I tried something new with this fiction, experimenting with a different narrative style.
  • "State of the Clans: Unicorn & Dragon" - Two short fictions depicting the "state" of the Unicorn and Dragon clans at the start of Emperor Edition. It was a challenge to "show, not tell" the clan states; the Unicorn fiction is easier to discern the clan's general situation by reading it. In the Dragon fiction, much like the Dragon clan itself, is a lot more subtle...
  • "The Rightful Toji" - A story about a Toji and her Sake House. It's the second story on the page; scroll down to see.
  • "Not Enough" - The Khan confronts the mysterious raiders attacking the colony caravans (continuing the story from the Unicorn State of the Clans), but is in turn confronted by phantoms of her past. It is published with three other fictions; mine is the third and final one on the page.
  • "Kanshi" - A vassal of the Crab Clan seeks the destiny of the Crab during a time of peace. Instead, she finds her own.
  • "Masatane" - Two ronin fight to claim one identity.
  • "Correspondence" - Ide Takeru delivers messages of many sorts to the Unicorn Champion. (Continuing the thread began with the Unicorn State of the Clans and continued in Not Enough.)
  • "Age of Exploration Part 2" - I contributed one 580-word vignette that resolved a kotei win in April! Part of a much greater group of fictions, my contribution is the untitled piece about Kitsu Sorano and her discovery in the plains...
  • "Prologue" - The introduction of an ongoing storyline, "Sins of the Father," that will span multiple fictions in Emperor Edition. At the dusk of his life, famous playwright Kakita Hiro must make a choice that will create a ripple of unforeseen consequences.
  • "Consequence" - The controversial fiction that marked the turning point of the Dragon/Unicorn betrothal story. This was one of the most difficult fictions I've ever written for all it's nuances and subtleties.
  • "Sins of the Father - Chapter One" - The investigation of the playwright Kakita Hiro's death brings together two unlikely partners. It's the tiger, the monkey, and death at Shizuka Toshi in the first installment of "Sins of the Father."
  • "The Little Things" - A mini-installment of "Sins of the Father," taking place between chapters 1 and 2. It's small, so don't miss it! Sometimes we miss the little things...
  • "Implication" - The recent judgement of the Emerald Champion carries certain implications for the Crab and Spider Clans...
  • "Sins of the Father - Chapter Two" - The investigation of Kakita Hiro's death takes an unforeseen turn, and different perspectives collide in the course of duty.
  • "Sins of the Father 3 - Part 1" - Separated, the magistrates investigating Hiro's death face their own challenges. Ichigiku faces another assassin and makes a foreboding discovery.
  • "Sins of the Father 3 - Part 2 " - Separated, the magistrates investigating Hiro's death face their own challenges. Kinaro seeks Hiro's daughter Maratai in the markets of the Second City. See this one on the bottom of the page.
  • "Between the Walls" - Halloween fiction! A strange account of strange occurrences.
  • "The Toll" and "Bow to No One" - Two short fictions in one installment! "The Toll" checks in on an old Ayumu, and the friction between the Dragon and Unicorn increases in "Bow to No One."
  • "Sins of the Father: Followed" and "Uncover Your Face" - Two short fictions in one installment! "Followed" concludes the third installment of "Sins of the Father." "Uncover Your Face" continues the story told in "Bow to No One."
  • "Notice Me" - This fiction was written in tandem with the official Winter Court 3 Play-By-Post roleplaying game. I got to feature a lot of players and their characters in this fiction, but not nearly as many as I'd originally wanted to.
  • "Legend of the Golden Monkey Temple" - The most hopeful explorer in the colonies. This story features a character I created for the Second City Boxed Set, and one that was played in the official Winter Court 3 forum game by one of my best friends.
  • "Opposed" - Another Scene from the Empire based on events at the official Winter Court pbp! Love, duty, desire, and sacrifice all clash as the Second City burns around two samurai. This fiction features more characters from the official Play-By-Post game, and a cameo by Kinaro and Maratai.
  • "City of Smoke and Ash" - I co-authored this one with Shawn Carman. The Imperial Legions are victorious, but the fate of the Second City is no more certain.
  • "Sins of the Father: Priorities" - The fourth installment of the ongoing Sins of the Father series. Ichigiku has followed Kinaro to the colonies, but she soon encounters an echo of her past sins. Faced with the choice between her duty to the Clan and her obligations to Kinaro, which does she choose?
  • "The Sparrow's Fate" - Part I. A result of the 2012 Tokyo In Tulsa L5R Tournament. Moshi Rukia detects something amiss in the Suzume Valley...
  • "Coils of Madness: Part 2" - Part of the big release fiction(s) for the CCG expansion "Coils of Madness." I contributed two short scenes to this fiction. Can you guess which ones? :3
  • "The Burning of Fudo Temple" - Isawa Momoko finally understands the true motives of the Fudo monks...
  • "The Sparrow's Fate" - Intermission. A Spider infiltrator who has grown to like his new, simple life in the Suzume Valley is reminded of his old allegiances.
  • "With All That They Are Given" - (Scroll to bottom) Two Dragon Champions, one former one current, discuss the fate of the Dragon.
  • "Sins of the Father: Always War" - The fifth installment of the ongoing Sins of the Father series. As the Second City burns around them, someone seeks to bring the investigation of Kinaro and Ichigiku to a premature end.
  • "The Sparrow's Fate" - Part II. A result of the 2012 Tokyo In Tulsa L5R Tournament. Moshi Rukia councils the Sparrow Champion towards a bold tomorrow, as the fate of the Sparrow is decided.
  • "Sins of the Father: Leverage" - Sixth installment of Sins of the Father. Revelations, successes, and failures as the Spider attend to the magistrates in Toshi Ranbo.
  • "My Son" - Halloween fiction. More than anything, Akodo Yusuke wanted a son...
  • "Aftermath, part 1" - There are four plotlines in this fiction, of which I wrote two. I wrote the parts pertaining to the Lion-Unicorn-Yodotai conflict (starring Akodo Dairuko, Shinjo Min-Hee, and Legulus), and the Second City scenes involving the Crab, Dragon, and the Fudoists (starring Kuni Renyu, Togashi Noboru, Kuni Itsuko, Togashi Ango, and many others).
  • "Aftermath, part 2" - Part 2 of the Aftermath fiction. I wrote the same plotlines as described above.
  • "Aftermath, part 3" - Part 3 of the Aftermath fiction. I wrote the same plotlines as described above.
  • "The Beginner" - The second fiction on the page. In this fiction, I had the honor of introducing four of Ivory Edition's Elemental Masters, who really hadn't been portrayed in fiction up to this point. This is a story of how Isawa Shunryu becomes Elemental Master of Void, and answers a few other Masters-related questions.
  • "Sins of the Father: Partners" - The seventh and penultimate chapter of the Sins of the Father series. Weeks have passed since Kinaro was outmaneuvered. When he is ready to give up, Ichigiku reminds him what it means to be a magistrate... and a samurai.
  • "Sins of the Father: Shadows of our Pasts" - The final chapter of the Sins of the Father. The mystery of Kakita Hiro's death is revealed, and Kinaro and Ichigiku face their destiny.
  • "A True Scorpion" - Originally printed in the Imperial Herald, May 2014 Edition. A character-focused tale about a Scorpion samurai, quiet suffering, and underestimation.
  • "Strange Bedfellows" and "The Trade" - Two fictions in one installment. The second and third fictions on this page. First, "Strange Bedfellows," a Scene from the Empire involving Doji Makoto and Bayushi Nitoshi. Then, "The Trade," the annual Halloween fiction for 2014. For some time, Daidoji Toyoharu has known that the ultimate enemy is change.
  • "Blood of Heaven, Blood of Earth" - Co-authored with Fred Wan. This is the fiction that kicked off the Unicorn/Phoenix conflict in Ivory Edition.
  • "One Way or the Other" - A fiction characterizing the Imperial Heirs.
  • "Spring Kotei 2015, Act 1" - Part One of a collaborative effort between the entire ST. We brainstormed the events of these fics together as a team, beneath the guidance of myself and Fred Wan. I wrote the first half of this installment.
  • "Spring Kotei 2015, Act 1" - Part Three of a collaborative effort between the entire ST. We brainstormed the events of these fics together as a team, beneath the guidance of myself and Fred Wan. I wrote the second scene featuring Ikoma Aimi and Utaku Sakiko.
  • "Spring Kotei 2015, Act 1" - Part Four of a collaborative effort between the entire ST. We brainstormed the events of these fics together as a team, beneath the guidance of myself and Fred Wan. I wrote the first half of this installment.

L5R Print Work:

A list of printed material produced for AEG's "Legend of the Five Rings" gaming franchise.

Role-Playing Games:

  • The Book of Air - ISBN: 978-1-59472-064-2
    • Contributed to the Campaign Setting
  • The Second City Boxed Set - ISBN: 978-1-59472-065-9
    • Credited Writer
    • Designed court setting and contributed character profiles
  • The Book of Earth - ISBN: 978-1-59472-066-6
    • Credited Writer
    • Wrote fiction, sections on Armor, and the Keeper of Earth
  • Imperial Histories 2 - ISBN: 978-1-59472-067-3
    • Credited Writer
    • Wrote Chapter 3: Iron Rokugan
    • Co-Authored Chapter 7: The Return of the Unicorn
  • The Book of Fire - ISBN: 978-1-59472-068-0
    • Credited Writer
    • Wrote fiction, sections on sword-smithing, poetry, glass-craft, and Fire creatures.
    • Contributed to Intro; Fire-based Storytelling Themes
  • Secrets of the Empire - ISBN: 978-1-59472-070-3
    • Credited Writer
    • Wrote intro fiction, Hare Clan fiction, Monk fiction, and the sections regarding the Sparrow, Dragonfly, and Oriole clans.
    • Wrote new mechanics for Sparrow Clan and Dragonfly Clan, and new alternate Forging rules.
  • The Book of Water - ISBN: 978-1-59472-071-0
    • Credited Writer
    • Wrote intro fiction, Water in the World of Men, Mizu-do, The Naval History section, and the section on the Keeper of Water.
  • Sword and Fan - ISBN: 978-1-59472-072-7
    • Credited Writer
    • Wrote Chapter 5: Court and Civilization.
  • The Book of Void - ISBN: 978-1-59472-073-4
    • Credited Writer
    • Wrote Intro Fiction, Moment of Clarity, Void Martial Arts, and Enlightenment sections.
  • The Imperial Archives - Digital Book
    • Credited Writer
    • Wrote "The Shogunate."

Printed Fiction:

  • Coils of Madness - ISBN: 7-29220-16600-5
    • Co-Author - Wrote the flashback section regarding Matsu Nimuro and P'an Ku


  • Imperial Herald Clan Letters, October 2013. Crane and Lion clan letters.

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